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We're so Cali

I wish I had more time to post here, because I miss it. I was 14 when I started this blog. 14 !!! Can you believe it ? Well, of course I had more free time to post articles, and my sisters to take pictures of me all the time. I am trying my best to stay active. Fashion is my passion, and Ashlee my favorite, alwyas. What I wore : Hat : Unknown brand Top : Urban outfitters Jeans: Zara kids (the advantage of being 5'1) Shoes : Found at TJMaxx, by Report Sunglasses : Jessica Simpson Vest : Jubylee I fell in love with that top. I wish I could wear it EVERY DAY. The details on the back, ah, it's perfect. And if you know me you know I love sunglasses, these are my new favorite ! Hope you are good; Take care. Love you xo

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